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Braamfontein Improvement District

The Braamfontein Improvement District is 11 years old, legislated in 2004 to protect the investments made by the property owners and the JDA, Braamfontein has changed substantially over the past 11 years.

Starting out as a space for corporate head offices, Braamfontein now boasts some of the best public art in the city. It also offers visitors a wide variety of really great coffee shops, new restaurants are coming into the area all the time, boutique clothing stores are popping up around every corner, art galleries abound, night clubs and bars are jammed packed over the weekend, students are flocking to the education and entrepreneur hubs as well as international NGO's! It is all happening in Braamfontein!

The job of the Braamfontein Improvement District is to watch over and maintain the public space. When an area looks clean and is well maintained by cleaners constantly moving around the area it feels more inviting, it gives you a sense of comfort. Seeing our Public Safety Ambassadors (PSA's) posted throughout the district creates a sense of safety becuase you know someone is constantly monitoring the space. But our PSA's are not static security guards. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask, out Ambassadors are there to help you with all issues Braamfontein related.

If you have a management query please feel free to e-mail Nwabisa
If you have a marketing related query please feel free to e-mail Katie.

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• 411 – the number of CCTV cameras already installed and monitored.
• 180 – the average number of incidents recorded and responded to per day.
• 21 – the number of suspects caught on camera and prosecuted since the introduction of Buyis’ iJozi in September.
• 8 760 – the number of hours in a year that the CCTV system is supporting law enforcement activities in Johannesburg.
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Joburg Rates Policy Public Meetings

As COJ prepares to review the 2016/2017 rates policy, public meetings will be held for the public to provide input from 30th January onward.
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